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The rain in Spain

We knew this downpour was coming. For hours Órgiva has become the Amazon jungle without the humidity – a grey, misty mass. But there are no birds, just the sound of relentless rain. Even the cats refuse to go out and the garden is a quagmire in places.

The sun normally pokes its head up over the mountains about 8.30am following an hour of steadily-increasing light, but this morning it seemed more like 2am at breakfast.

If anyone was dreaming of a white Christmas, they’ve got a wet one. The rain is welcome of course, it’s been a very dry Autumn. Normally the ‘road’ of the Río Chico is dry rocks and boulders; today it’s come to life.

The lamb is in the oven and a walk to the Río Guadalfeo is called for. The Seven Eye Bridge is where the river’s roar will be at its loudest.

Whatever you’re doing today – and whatever god(s) you do or don’t believe in – have a good one from us both.

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3 thoughts on “The rain in Spain

  1. It’s been raining hell for leather here in Lisbon for two days, and only just now, a scrap of blue sky has appeared – and – low and behold! – THE SUN! Beside myself with joy….
    Enjoy your lamb 🙂

    Posted by ladyofthecakes | December 25, 2013, 12:51 pm
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