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Spot the Jesus competition

basilbrushPlaying ‘Spot the Jesus’ has become a popular game when we’re out and about. Some bars and shops have framed pictures of Órgiva church’s very-own Cristo. You can even get posters – €3 each or two for €5 (presumably people never want three of them).

The church’s statue is hauled around town every year but for many drinkers there’s a constant reminder that, when the church does eventually open its doors, they really should pay a visit.

Of course, religion, as part of Spain’s more recent history – and in particular the Civil War – is a complicated subject, and this post isn’t about that. But do the bars of Spain, some owned by generations of the same family, ‘give away’ their allegiances (Republican or Nationalist) from decades before, by the pictures that are hung on the walls?

Leave places with images of Cristo and head for the Imagine Pub, on the main road through Órgiva, and you’ll see a trilogy of ludicrously large paintings of John Lennon staring down at you. And as many people will tell you here, they’re living life in peace.

We think there should be more pictures of Basil Brush around town – a new campaign…or religion?

Jesus poster


Fishy Jesus

Enough fish to feed the Five Million

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