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La Almazara restaurant, Órgiva

Twenty years ago a marmalade kitten – later named Isodoro – turned up at La Almazara restaurant here in Órgiva. He’s been here ever since. He’s often seen in the same spot, like a flattened pumpkin, soaking up the sun’s rays; a purring pinball bouncing between tables for titbits. And he’s a lucky cat indeed … Continue reading

The rain in Spain

We knew this downpour was coming. For hours Órgiva has become the Amazon jungle without the humidity – a grey, misty mass. But there are no birds, just the sound of relentless rain. Even the cats refuse to go out and the garden is a quagmire in places. The sun normally pokes its head up over the … Continue reading

Christmas in Spain

With the sun shining, a gentle breeze and the thermometer at 18C, it’s easy to forget that back home millions of people are entering the frenzy of Christmas and New Year. Families suddenly like each other, everyone ‘helps out in the kitchen’ (gets in the way) and people witness neighbours’ fights which spill out into … Continue reading

Andalucía in four minutes!

Here is a time-lapse film about Andalucía – basically a four minute fast/slow advert on the Canal Youtube oficial del Portal de Turismo. [Some of our blog followers wouldn’t ordinarily stumble across stuff like this – haven’t grown up Googling, you see…] The film features various cities (and dangling olives, obviously) and includes El Pimpi in Málaga … Continue reading

Órgiva: what’s open over Christmas

[OLD POST] What happens in Órgiva is pretty much the same as the UK and Ireland. Most things close on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We’ve yet to experience a Spanish Christmas and will do a post about Spain’s customs at this time of the year in the next day or so. In the … Continue reading

Santa Claws

Spotted today, this advert seems to suggest that a puppy (bearing in mind the timing) would make a perfect Christmas gift. What the advert says, we hope, is that the puppies are free – a gift of sorts. If so, at least someone is finding them a home. But let’s hope someone doesn’t give one … Continue reading

Horse riding in Las Alpujarras

People come to Las Alpujarras in Andalucia for many reasons: to walk, birdwatch, go skiing higher up in the Sierra Nevada, or pop to the beach for the day. Another reason is to go horse riding and there can be few places more beautiful to go trekking than here. We don’t ride ourselves but a … Continue reading

Doing things by halves – squeezing oranges

A week after our photo of ripening oranges, here they are put to good use – or should that be good juice. A pressing engagement – lasting about 15 minutes and taking 60 oranges – resulted in two litres of a proper drink, decanted into an old Fanta bottle (a friend…er…bought it). Related posts: A … Continue reading

A pepper mill from Florence

One of our fathers bought a pepper mill from a restaurant – Trattoria Cammillo – in Florence in the 1970s for around £20, no doubt after a delicious meal and a glass or two of wine. It must have left the manager with a smile on his face – and the risotto must have been … Continue reading

Spot the Jesus competition

Playing ‘Spot the Jesus’ has become a popular game when we’re out and about. Some bars and shops have framed pictures of Órgiva church’s very-own Cristo. You can even get posters – €3 each or two for €5 (presumably people never want three of them). The church’s statue is hauled around town every year but for … Continue reading

A month of sun days (photo)

We took a photograph of the same two oranges every day for a month. We’re lucky to have several orange trees in our garden. The oranges from each one are different. Some are sweet, others more sharp; some are juicy, others offer little; some have pips, others don’t; some are large, others small. A sunny … Continue reading