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Órgiva – Then and Now #5

The person who took the first photo could have been on their way to one of the ‘white villages’, maybe Pampaneira. It was taken on the steep main road, looking south-east over Órgiva. The bridge over the Rio Chico looks the same but the trees have grown and the sloping paths to the left of the … Continue reading

Come on baby, light my fire – Lewes on Bonfire Night

Exactly this time last year (5 November), instead of enjoying a breezy, warm day in Spain, we were preparing to have our eyes stung with acrid smoke and eardrums battered by a thousand firecrackers. The Spanish may love their fireworks and setting light to things – Valencia’s Las Fallas being one example (see Hola Yessica’s post about … Continue reading

Olives: preserving them

We’re surrounded by several dozen olive trees so we’re having a go at preserving them (a jar from the supermarket costs €2.50). The trees aren’t being harvested for olive oil this year as they’re biennial-bearing trees – a big crop one year, a small one the next. Despite there being tons of olives, this is … Continue reading

Quiet at the back! – today’s chemistry lesson

Settle down, today’s class is about tipping wood ash from the fire onto things. Here in Las Alpujarras we’re surrounded by citrus, olive and palm trees, bourgainvillea, grape vines and various other plants. It’s early November and the jasmine is flowering and oranges ripening. We planted a herb garden recently which is doing well despite several chilly … Continue reading