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Órgiva from the air

A while back we mentioned this short 2007 film of Órgiva taken from the air. It’s great to see familiar buildings from above, including Órgiva’s church.

If you know Órgiva well, pause the film at 18 seconds. The view is looking roughly north-eastwards over the town. The Rio Chico is in the foreground and the kids’ football pitch now occupies the area to the left. The large, handsome building overlooking it is now derelict. The open ground to the right of the shot has since been developed.

If you really want to get your bearings, the tree next to the church can be seen in our previous ‘Then and Now‘ post.

So strap yourself in, say ‘hi’ to the pilot (who clearly missed the ‘Apocalypse Now’ gig) and confiscate the narrator’s cigarettes while you’re at it.

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