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Órgiva top five: Tapas

Let’s get one thing straight. There’s tapa and there’s tapa. Here in Órgiva it’s of the (free) non-fussy kind. Go to other parts of Spain – like Valencia, Barcelona or San Sebastián– and it can be an art-form, although you pay for it.

In fact, the relative of the tapa in northern Spain is pinchopintxo in Basque – where portions, normally on bread, are skewered with a toothpick or similar – pincho is Spanish for ‘spike’. (Here’s our post about a visit to San Sebastián.)

Here, if you order wine or beer, you’ll get a tapa which can be either hot or cold. It’s rare to get anything poor and it should be different with each drink. Just don’t expect glazed asparagus with a quail egg drizzled with balsamic vinegar on top.

Here are our favourite places – see map below for locations:

Las cuatro esquinas tapa

Simple and delicious: Las Cuatro Esquinas tapa

1. Las Cuatro Esquinas

On a corner of a backstreet crossroad (hence the name) just up from the church, this serves the tastiest tapas. Nothing fancy – a plate of jamón, fried fish and aubergine – but it’s always freshly prepared and perfect. A (small and dark) local bar for local people. Closed evenings.

2. Camping Órgiva

South out of town, Camping Órgiva is, on first impression, a slightly odd place to eat. but it always serves decent fish and seafood. You might get clams in garlic and butter or tiny fried whitebait. It’s on a busy main road but has great views of the Sierra de Lújar.

3. Café Bar Sástago

We recommended this place for coffee too. It’s a lovely location on the main plaza and popular with expats (not that that’s a good thing necessarily). The cous-cous and green pepper is delicious and the paella is pretty tasty too.

Lomo tapa

Pork (lomo) with garlic, herbs and olive oil

4. El Viejo Molino

‘Molinos’ is an enjoyable spot to enjoy a drink and something to eat – especially in the warmer months. The tapa here is generally good although can sometimes be hit-and miss. Pork and beef stews are popular and they can surprise with, say, razor clams.

5. Casa Santiago

If there’s going to be a vehicle pile-up at the traffic lights, you’d get a good view of it at this bar opposite Órgiva’s church. Fumes aside, this is a good bar offering decent tapas including tortilla, russian salad and pork grilled with olive oil and garlic on bread.


Orgiva tapas places

[Note: this post is old and we cannot vouch for each bar, however, safe bets are still Las Cuatro Esquinas and Camping Órgiva. Update soon.]

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2 thoughts on “Órgiva top five: Tapas

  1. Do you get a choice of tapas – or do you get what you are given?

    Posted by Marianne | November 4, 2013, 10:02 pm
    • Good question – we’re happy to wait and see, although have seen people ask for specific tapa (at Casa Santiago, for example) but presumably they’ll only offer what they’ve made anyway – like a freshly-made tortilla. We guess if you like the first thing that comes out (like today’s jamon at Las Cuatro Esquinas) you could ask for it again but people seem to get the same ‘1st’ tapa, and then the 2nd etc, in order. And of course, some people ask for meat-free tapa. We’ll find out if there’s a choice.

      Posted by con jamón spain | November 4, 2013, 10:33 pm
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