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Thyme on our hands

It seems odd, in mid-October, to be planting a herb garden – but it’s 30 degrees and it didn’t take much persuasion to make sure we have a supply throughout winter. We found a spot next to the wall of a old building – a crumbling oven and chimney open to the elements. Once a … Continue reading

Spam, spam, spam, spam…

Ah, the joys of blogging and all that it entails. Like receiving spam. Luckily there are filters attached to the wheels and cogs of the blogging machine that help deal with it – basically they spoon out the dead flies from the soup, leaving messages from ‘real’ people – like a UK removals firm doing an…er…opinion survey … Continue reading

A tale of two cities

Today, as M ascended the cobbled streets of the Albaicín district in Granada, S was stuck in London, surrounded by fog at City Airport. And this was before she’d go on to see three more: Heathrow, Madrid…and Granada. At 11pm, there was no taxi waiting as promised and no staff to talk to. British Airways/Iberia … Continue reading

Paragliding towards Órgiva

No, we haven’t taken up a new hobby but we do love this video of a chap paragliding in Las Alpujarras. It’s worth watching the whole five-minute video to see how these guys and girls do their stuff, from taking off with no wind, adjusting their equipment to landing. From two minutes into the film you … Continue reading

Signs and adverts of Órgiva #3

Parts of Órgiva are a patchwork of bits of paper advertising all sorts of things. Here’s a new batch. If you need your chakras harmonising, a box of old Lego – oh, hang on, it’s a Buddhist centre – or want to learn Flamenco dancing, you’re in luck. Related posts:  Signs and adverts of Órgiva … Continue reading

I am not a number: Getting a NIE in Spain

So, we’re in the system; logged, numbered and stamped Human Bacon by some butchery tool. Anyone living in Spain for more than a few months should be aware of the NIE; the Número de Identificación de Extranjero – or Foreigner’s Identity Number. The process on how to get one has changed a bit recently. It’s … Continue reading

Spiders – look away now if you don’t like them

We’re lucky enough to have a pool and all manner of ugly things end up in it – us included. We have mosquitos, large ants, flies, wasps and spiders. We try to hook out most things to give them a chance – especially moths, bees and grasshoppers – but really it’s so we can have … Continue reading