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A tale of two cities

Window catToday, as M ascended the cobbled streets of the Albaicín district in Granada, S was stuck in London, surrounded by fog at City Airport. And this was before she’d go on to see three more: Heathrow, Madrid…and Granada. At 11pm, there was no taxi waiting as promised and no staff to talk to. British Airways/Iberia Airlines had let her down badly (we’re on the case…).

S had to return to the UK to bring over a consignment of Chicken Tikka Dansak from our ‘local’ curry house, such is our craving. M travelled to the pomegranate city early this morning from Órgiva by bus to collect her. The best laid plans and all that.

The idea was to go to the Manuel de Falla house, but it’s closed on Mondays. It was closed last time we went in June and all of August. Do they actually WANT people to visit it?

No worries, the walk began east of the city where M got lost several times. Crossing the river Genil, M came across Basilica de Nuestra Señora de las Angustias on Carrera del Genil – an Órgiva church lookalike, only much grander. Some people sat around mumbling/praying while others thumbed through their guide books or took photos. Here are some Google images of it, it’s quite amazing.

A few doors down is Mariscal deli which is sure to become a favourite. It’s split into two with a huge cheese and jamón counter on the left and an eating area with high stalls to the right. There’s a terrace outside too. A similar place in Valencia came to mind.

After a café con leche at Las Cuevas, which is on a narrow street north of Plaza Nueva, the gentle amble around Albaicín (or Albayzín), the ancient Moorish quarter, began. Tiny alleys, tilting buildings, the sound of a Flamenco guitarist practising from an open window and stunning views. Millions of people may come to Granada and only get to see the Alhambra Palace. A bit like going to London and only visiting the Tower of London, leaving out Soho, the City, Westminster and so on.

A recommended place for a well-earned drink in the Albaicín district is Café 4 Gatos on Placeta Cruz Verde. Their ensalada Rusa is the best ever.

Instead of the usual shots of the Alhambra Palace, here are some alternative images taken today, both with a theme.

More about this great city another day. Right, where’s that lime pickle….

Granada posters

Albaicín – Avenida de Madrid – Acera del Darro

Granada shots

Albaicín – Albaicín – Shop front, Avenida de Madrid

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