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Feria de Órgiva – it’s arrived!

Feria poster

[Note: this is dated 2013, read our 2014 Feria de Órgiva post here.]

There’s no weekly market today as the party has come to town. La Feria de Órgiva starts tonight and continues for four days. We’ve not experienced it before but judging by the pop-up bars, kids’ funfair rides  and the myriad posters stuck up promoting DJs, live music and more – it’s going to be massive. We’ve never seen so many vans delivering Cruzcampo and Alhambra beer!

There’s bunting – both the national and Andalucian flags –  dangling across the streets and the shops will be closed Friday (and Sunday as usual).

We’ve been told that tonight the pensioners of the town, including expat oldies, are invited by the mayor for a slap-up meal and dance. We’re not sure quite where but the central square has been covered and has two stacks of speakers worthy of a rock festival. Maybe they get to enjoy a couple of hours of Metallica too.

Over the weekend there’ll be a parade of floats, the chance to see items of the area’s past in the town hall – like farm utensils, and a classic car display. And loads more besides.

On Friday (2.30pm) a gigantic paella is cooked and everyone gets a free plate and glass of sangria. It’s repeated on Saturday – although instead of paella it’s huevos fritos con ajos (fried eggs and garlic) and a can of beer.

Saturday and Sunday see the Feria Tradicional del Ganado Ciudad de Órgiva next to the Rio Chico. Years ago mules, sheep, goats and horses were traded but today it tends to be just horses. A large pen – like something out of the Wildwest – has been erected to house them. Even this has a pop-up bar inside it. On Sunday, there’s the addition of Concurso Internacional de Migas – International competition of fried breadcrumbs (more about migas here on YouTube).

Some bars will stay open all-night so they’ll be a few sore heads and residents needing to catch up on their sleep come Monday.

One year, a model of the town’s church was made out of wood and the clock face replaced with a tap from which wine was poured. Órgiva’s main festival used to be held on October 7 (Virgen del Rosario) but moved to the end of September on the day of San Miguel.

It also unofficially marks the end of summer but, as it’s blue skies and 32 degrees today, it’s a little hard to believe.

It all sounds a lot fun and we’ll report back with photos – including that portion of paella.

Here is the programme of events on the town hall website. If any readers can help translate some of it, it would be greatly appreciated (by the time we do, the party will be over…).

Oh, and maybe someone can explain why there’s a photographic exhibition on FC Barcelona – aren’t we in Granada?

Let the party begin!

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