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Butterfly Bafflement

Just before we left the casita we spotted two butterflies in the garden. There haven’t been that many to spot to be honest and if there’s a decline in the population, like there has been in the UK, then it’s no surprise.

We think the butterflies – which we managed to photograph – were either Silver-washed Fritillaries (Argynnis paphia) or Queen of Spain Fritillaries (Issoria lathonia). They had a wide wing-span, glided gracefully and had a metallic look to the underside hindwing.

We’ve contacted European Butterflies to ask if they can help identify them. We’ve also spotted a Swallowtail butterfly.

UPDATE: Matt Rowlings from European Butterflies has informed us it’s a Cardinal Fritillary (Argynnis pandora) – as seen on his website. Thanks Matt.




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