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Pasodoble – by Martin Cross (book)

Pasodoble by Martin Cross book cover This delightful whodunnit had us salivating as Comisario Moreno, from a fictitious town on the coast called Molinos, eats his way through the villages of Las Alpujarras to solve a murder in Juviles (this town, and others mentioned, are real).

Moreno, who reminds us of a corpulent Inspector Montalbano (a popular TV series), enlists the help of Rick Bull, a guiri (a colloquial word for a foreigner), who runs a bar in Cádiar.

Toro, as Moreno calls him, becomes Moreno’s unofficial side-kick, being able to speak both English and Spanish. They investigate and probe an interesting mix of guiri and Spanish suspects who have been affected by a failed property development.

It’s entertaining, fast-moving and fun to read – and easy to get lost in the beautiful Alpujarras and the characters you might find there. From drunken and disillusioned expats to Spanish mothers and the Guardia Civil  – who Moreno regularly puts the boot into – there are enough characters to keep you guessing the outcome.

We loved the description of Ajo Blanco (cold almond and garlic soup) in the scorching heat being like ‘air-conditioning for the soul’. We’ve had it and agree!

There’s another Comisario Moreno book in the pipeline which we look forward to. And who knows, maybe a TV series one day.

It’s only available on Kindle.

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