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Dog Day Afternoon

Perhaps we didn’t concentrate in that lesson about the birds and the bees. Walking home yesterday afternoon we came across these two dogs in, er, conversation. A bit of research later tells us that it’s the posit-coital position after they mated. Apparently after Goldie dismounted he would still be ‘locked’ inside Scruffs for quite a while.

A Spanish lady laughed at our confusion – and we were unsure whether to pass them in case Goldie was a bit possessive. He wasn’t.

M can be forgiven for not realising what was going on at first as he’s never owned a dog. S has seen dogs mating while travelling in India – but not in Ireland.

Her family’s Labrador, Emma, was taken to meet a boy Labrador but nothing happened. Instead, she escaped one day (she was normally kept in when on heat) and met up with her sweetheart next door. A beautiful litter followed – including Poppy, who became the family’s next dog.

The dogs below are, let’s say, a bit rough around the edges, poor things. But their puppies will no doubt be gorgeous and may be offered to people during Órgiva’s weekly market. It happens all the time. (‘We’d like to see its mother to see the dog’s from good stock’…um.)

We’ve been told by people living in Órgiva that some Spaniards, knowing how many foreigners/expats couldn’t possibly turn away a dog left on their doorstep, sometimes find just that. We know a couple who have four dogs, two of them ‘adopted’ this way. That’s not to say the Spanish don’t love their dogs too – of course they do – but we do see dogs neglected and tied-up for days on end.

Our post about Beneficio mentions the amount of dogs around. We can’t see the number of dogs in the area it changing really.

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  1. So …. you are trying to improve your ratings by introducing “Doggie Porn”, I see!! 😉

    Posted by Marianne | September 9, 2013, 10:43 am
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