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Oh yes, wait a minute Mr/Mrs/Ms Poster!

One of the benefits of running our blog is discovering others and reading interesting posts. We’re just a tiny drop in the ocean of blogs that are out there.

Often we’re alerted to new posts via Twitter (@ConJamonSpain) but understand not everybody uses it. On the subject of Twitter, we disagree with those who say: It’s just inane chatter about what people had for breakfast *. It’s not; we’ve been pointed to information we’d never normally come across. And it’s also where you can laugh at tweets about how rubbish Tottenham Hotspur FC is.

As an example, Molly in Granada tweeted about this fabulous post on the Underwater Virgin of Algeciras by writer Belinda Beckett who basically spends 364 days submerged on the sea bed (the statue that is, not Belinda). It’s hauled up once a year for people to pay homage to her in their bikinis. It’s bonkers but fun.

So we thought we’d begin a new series highlighting posts that amuse or inform us. Another one in a few days’ time.

Don’t forget our blogroll to the right – all brilliant bloggers and worth visiting. Once upon a time, we would all have written letters (possibly surrounded by Mickey Mouse, Goofy and others).

* Tostadas con mantequilla, mermelada y un café (Toast with butter, jam and a coffee).


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