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Órgiva – Then and Now #2

This building is one of the most important in town. It was once a local school along with Santa Teresa and San José Calasanz college (both gone). It was known as the Schools of Don José Rivas – the first to open in Las Alpujarras. Now it’s known as Antiguas Escuelas D. José Rivas – so not much … Continue reading

Fruit from the garden (photo)

Last time we posted a picture of vegetables from Órgiva market. Here is some fruit picked from our garden including grapes, figs and pomegranates. We’ve counted just ten avocados on two trees so far – they should be ready to pick in a month’s time and then left to ripen for several days. We think … Continue reading

Villages of Las Alpujarras

Our blog sometimes just points out things of interest – and this can mean videos on YouTube, under the category ‘Stuff we find‘. We’ve done it before with this film about Órgiva. Here is another. We’re not sure if people put videos on YouTube for their friends or for public but having people smile out at … Continue reading

Feria de Órgiva – it’s arrived!

[Note: this is dated 2013, read our 2014 Feria de Órgiva post here.] There’s no weekly market today as the party has come to town. La Feria de Órgiva starts tonight and continues for four days. We’ve not experienced it before but judging by the pop-up bars, kids’ funfair rides  and the myriad posters stuck … Continue reading

Read all about it

Spending a whole day reading is one of life’s pleasures and three months without TV or internet has meant perfect conditions for S to indulge in a book-reading extravaganza. A shady fig tree has been a time-travelling machine taking S from pre-revolutionary Russia (Crime and Punishment), Escoffier’s kitchens in France (White Truffles in Winter), contemporary … Continue reading

Órgiva’s garden centre

Expecting people to enjoy this post about a garden centre in Órgiva is like a request for us to get excited about an ironmongers in Jaén. However, it is a lovely place and for anyone staying any length of time here, it may be useful. After all, Spanish food – from a simple tomato salad … Continue reading

Órgiva – Then and Now #1

Old pictures of Órgiva compared with today’s scene. The first photograph shows Calle Doctor Fleming in 1950 – see our post about why it’s called this. The second is from roughly the same spot today. Standing in the middle of the road in 1950 you’d meet no harm, today it’s a little different. The building … Continue reading

Los Tablones

If Lanjarón is the town of old people then Los Tablones is the village of, well, no people – when we went at least. Marty McFly would have confused it for a 1880 American town but without tumbleweed and a gun-fight – even if there was a saloon bar to be found. It’s the only … Continue reading

Market vegetables (photo)

These were bought today at Órgiva’s weekly market. Chili con carne, salsa, ensalada y guacamole todos en el menú esta noche!

You look great for your age…olive tree

1513: Imagine the year. As the shoot of this olive tree (below) first poked its head out of the dry soil, there was some corner of a foreign field which saw James IV killed at the Battle of Flodden – Juan Ponce de León discover Florida, Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the first European to see the Pacific Ocean … Continue reading

Órgiva / Rio Guadalfeo walk (including map)

Two fairly long walks in consecutive days and our calves and ankles are letting us know about it. It’s not helped by the utterly ridiculous footware we both wear – dainty sandals and a pair that are falling apart at the seams (S does possess a pair of Frankenstein walking boots – but in 32 … Continue reading

Butterfly Bafflement

Just before we left the casita we spotted two butterflies in the garden. There haven’t been that many to spot to be honest and if there’s a decline in the population, like there has been in the UK, then it’s no surprise. We think the butterflies – which we managed to photograph – were either … Continue reading

Moving home across the way

After a happy summer in our one-room, oven-ready casita we’ve moved to a house nearby. It’s much bigger, has a downstairs space you could play boules in and an audience of geckos that dart around the walls trying to escape the cats’ claws. They’re being kept in for a week or two to stop them … Continue reading

Órgiva’s mural

Órgiva isn’t exactly bursting with statues and art but it does have its very own ceramic mural. It’s in the main square – home to the tourist office that’s never open and bonkers performance shows that no-one seems to understand (the last one we saw featured three actors in scary old people masks, a pram, a … Continue reading

Eucalyptus trees in the rain (photo)

It rained heavily over the weekend, unusual for this time of year. The darkening clouds came over the Sierra de Lújar as if the shutters were being pulled down on Órgiva. Thunder echoed up the valley like distant timpani. Like everything else, the eucalyptus trees soaked up the rain which turned them into a variety of … Continue reading