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Getting to Órgiva

Órgiva isn’t near a major city – you have to travel here to enjoy its charms. When you get here, you can find out all about Órgiva!


Granada, Málaga and Almería are the closest airports. Flying into Seville, Alicante, Madrid and Gibraltar are also options and if you find good value flights, this could justify a longer journey.


Car hire

Hiring a car is the easiest way to get to Órgiva from airports. Most car hire companies allow you to pick up and drop off at different locations. If there are a few of you, it may work out as cheap as getting a bus or taxi.

  • check whether the car hire is in the airport terminal or if you have to get to a pick-up point
  • check what the petrol policy is

Distance and approximate driving time to Órgiva:

  • Granada: 75 kms – 1 hour
  • Málaga: 126 kms –  1.5
  • Almería: 135 kms – 2
  • Seville: 312 kms – 3
  • Alicante: 415 kms – 4
  • Madrid: 487 kms – 4.5

The section of the A7 motorway ‘Autovia del Mediterráneo’ from Almuñecar to Granada has been completed (July 2014) which has shaved 20 minutes off the drive between Málaga Airport to Órgiva. See our Driving into Órgiva video for when you arrive (from the direction of Motril/Málaga). Here’s some information about driving in Spain (in English).

Málaga to Órgiva route - Google maps

Taxi/private car

If you’ve booked accommodation locally, ask for details of costs to and from Málaga and Granada airports. They may collect you (should be around €90 one-way from Málaga) – a city taxi will be more expensive.



Getting here by bus is possible and it needs to be carefully timed if arriving by air.

The bus service in Spain is run by ALSA ( which has information in English. You can book tickets online.

Buses to Órgiva from:

Granada airport:

Take a bus from the airport to the bus station (20 minutes) – there are several buses a day to Órgiva. Here’s our post.

Málaga airport:

  • there is no direct bus from Málaga airport to Órgiva
  • there is one direct bus a day (apart from Sundays) from Málaga bus station to Órgiva – a shuttle bus will take you to the bus station from the airport

From Málaga airport via Granada

There are daily buses from Málaga bus station and direct from Málaga airport to Granada bus station. It takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. From Granada you can get a bus to Órgiva. The ALSA website has current timetables.

Summer bus service to Motril from (and to) Málaga airport

Málaga airport to Motril:

  • Málaga airport to Motril (departs 11am, arrives 12.35pm) – then wait till 5.15pm for the bus to Órgiva
  • Motril to Málaga Airport (departs 8am, arrives 10.25pm) – but no bus leaves Órgiva early enough to catch this

Almería airport

Take a bus to Granada or Motril and then take a bus to Órgiva – the Granada route has more options.

This website has information about the bus service from Almería airport to the city centre bus station. Note that the bus station shares its location with the train station. Alternatively you could take a train to Granada and then take a bus to Órgiva.

Madrid airport

There are regular buses from Madrid to Granada bus station which take about 5 hours (check the ALSA website). Then get a bus to Órgiva.



  • you can’t get a train directly to Órgiva – the nearest main station is Granada – from here, all or get a taxi to the bus station and then a bus to Orgiva
  • Madrid (Atocha station) to Granada by train takes about four hours

RENFE is Spain’s national railway – tickets can be booked online

[This is a guide only and we can’t be held responsible for any incorrect or changed travel times. Visit the relevant websites.]

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