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El Viejo Molino, Órgiva

El Viejo Molino – or simply Molinos as it’s commonly known – is slightly hidden along the main route through the town. Upon entering, a sheltered inner courtyard opens up which has a large bar and plenty of tables, with a large cover to escape the sun.

It must have found its way into travel guides as there’s always a healthy mix of locals and tourists – as well as the expats who live here. As we write, English, French and German accents can all be heard. But it IS a Spanish bar/restaurant (a place that has local men enjoying a brandy at 11am – and not pints of lager – is a good guide).

A builder and restaurant owner got together and transformed a previously unloved space into one of Órgiva’s more popular places, deservedly so.

We’re regular customers, not least because of manageress-cum-waitress, Luisa.[Update 2019: she longer works here.] How someone can juggle cooing at babies, chatting with the locals, taking orders, serving, and subtlety bossing her male colleagues around – all with a constant smile and brilliant efficiency – beggars belief. She is universally loved by customers – and pretty much does it all on her own, regardless as to how many people have turned up.

She even left once but, such was the cry of disappointment from customers, she returned.

But what about about the food and drink? A glass of house wine (the reliable El Coto) is €2, a Coke €1.80 and a beer also €1.80. The food is decent, if not spectacular, and portions large. We’ve seen people gasp at the size of the steaks and salads, you won’t go hungry for sure.

Prices for main dishes range from €7.50 for a salad to around €14/15 for fish and meat.

The tapas ranges from rustic pork stews, tortilla and russian salad to fried whitebait, sardines and mini spare ribs. It’s hard to say ‘no’ and often leads to us – and presumably other people – not actually ordering any ‘paid for’ food.

There’s a cavernous indoor eating area (cosy in winter) for when the weather’s not so good. If you’re less mobile or a wheelchair-user, access is good.

It’s a good place for children for three reasons: It’s an open space away from roads/traffic; ice-cream…and Luisa.

There’s free Wi-Fi.

El Viejo Molino, Avda. González Robles 14, Órgiva. Tel: 958 998 118..

El Molino

The bar at El Molino with the fabulous Luisa

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4 thoughts on “El Viejo Molino, Órgiva

  1. El Molino was not an “unloved space”. Around 2004 when we were looking for a property in the area my partner and i stayed there. it was a beautifully restored guest house. the interior was not a lot different to what you see now, but the outside was a courtyard with a fountain in the middle. The only problem was, it was April and, as you have yet to experience, it was cold, and that big open planned space could not be kept warm.

    Posted by TIM | August 20, 2013, 8:03 pm
    • Hi Tim – thanks for posting and putting us right. We must have received some dodgy info when we asked someone. Would liked to have seen it as it was. And yes, not experienced the chilly weather yet…

      Posted by con jamón spain | August 21, 2013, 10:36 am
  2. What a lovely place for lunch!

    Posted by Jessica of HolaYessica | August 14, 2013, 10:47 pm
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