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Una lista de cosas

Sitting outside a café we chatted about what we missed about London and the changes that have come our way since being in Spain. For a bit of fun – and like one of those awful blue-sky/thought-shower meetings one would have had at work – here’s a list of things we came up with. Don’t … Continue reading

Washing of the water

We awoke at 7am this morning to the sound of gushing water. The acequia, transferring water pumped from a well further up the lane, was flooding the garden. It’s a lovely sound to wake up to. The cats came rushing in with wet paws – it always catches them by surprise – and must making … Continue reading

The pomegranate city – Granada

Among the orange and olive trees in our garden there’s a lone pomegranate tree. It doesn’t stand out particularly – you’d never give it a second glance if it wasn’t for its beautiful fruit in different states of ripeness. Some green and others cricket ball red. Writing this post in 34C heat with hard earth … Continue reading

Shakey the dog

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of our favourite dog in Órgiva – Shakey. We named him Shakey because of his permanently-raised front paw as if he wants to shake hands/paws with you. We presume he had an argument with a car once upon a time. The dogs here have little regard for … Continue reading

Getting to Órgiva

Órgiva isn’t near a major city – you have to travel here to enjoy its charms. When you get here, you can find out all about Órgiva! Flights Granada, Málaga and Almería are the closest airports. Flying into Seville, Alicante, Madrid and Gibraltar are also options and if you find good value flights, this could justify … Continue reading

Strimming World

Here’s a challenge for you. Play the video below at full volume and leave it on for the duration of this post. If you get through it without turning it off, a mint tea and small biscuit will be winging its way to you, forthwith. Yesterday evening, someone screamed like a banshee. A hot air-ballooned … Continue reading

Rio Guadalfeo and Rules Dam

Want a jaw-dropping view, one that reminds you that you’re just a tiny speck in nature’s wonder? Then peer down into the Guadalfeo river valley – the basin that collects water from the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. A drive up from the south towards Órgiva, hugging the curly-wurly roads from Motril, is a … Continue reading

Falling down man-hole covers – learning the language

In our previous post about learning Spanish we said our progression was snail-like. Move on a couple of weeks and the snail has encountered crushed egg-shells and desert sand. It’s all too easy to abandon verb drills as we walk up the lane into town. Instead, we discuss what to buy for supper or comment … Continue reading

Doors of perception

In Órgiva – and across Spain – a daily ritual takes place: The Washing of the Doorways. The mops and buckets come out – and hoses too. It’s as if a mains pipe has burst; torrents of water stream down streets as proud householders cleanse their portals of a single speck of dust. But what … Continue reading

Eucalyptus leaves (photo)

¿Qué hora es? …just follow the sun

Kicking around on a piece of ground In your home town Waiting for someone or something To show you the way Time-keeping is less important now we’re here. There are no early morning trains to catch, live sports to watch on TV or meeting times down the pub (not that anyone ever arrived on time). … Continue reading

Booted and suited – birdwatching

After we spotted an impressive bird circling overhead a while ago, we tweeted to Alpujarras Birdwatching about it. Knowing what area it was spotted – looking towards the Sierra de Lújar from Órgiva – they responded suggesting it could be one of several birds. A little bit of research on the website (we know little … Continue reading

El Viejo Molino, Órgiva

El Viejo Molino – or simply Molinos as it’s commonly known – is slightly hidden along the main route through the town. Upon entering, a sheltered inner courtyard opens up which has a large bar and plenty of tables, with a large cover to escape the sun. It must have found its way into travel guides … Continue reading

Old door in Órgiva (photo)

We took this photograph on last Sunday’s stroll through the backstreets of Órgiva. It’s interesting to speculate what once lay behind it; a family home, a shop, stables or a bakery? Imagine being born in what was once the room the other side of it and returning years later to see just wasteland.

Cool down in just 30 seconds!

Stuck in a traffic jam? Sweating in a hot office? Can’t wait for your holiday to arrive? Chill out with our virtual feet cooler film! We returned recently to the fab Flor de Limonero restaurant and took advantage of the hotel pool. Luckily, unlike the previous visit, there weren’t any live frogs in the pool.