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Signs and adverts of Órgiva #1

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The tourist office in Órgiva

Órgiva: gateway to the Sierra Nevada, administrative centre of the eastern Alpujarras, a place where thousands visit each year to trek, birdwatch, ski or just chill. So, the tourist office please. Nah, Orgiva doesn’t have one. Well it does if you count a building, signage and a map with the…er..tourist office on. But it’s shut. … Continue reading

Ananda’s mundo – a little oasis

Looking for a budget place to stay, use the internet, wash your clothes or have a quick shower? Ananda’s mundo, named after the owners’ daughter, is the place. It’s also a shop selling clothes, incense and other Indian imports. And if you’re having an impromptu music jam, a selection of instruments can be bought – … Continue reading

Money in Spain

El dinero es la raíz de todos los males… Well maybe it is the root of all evil, but it’s certainly needed. Oranges fetch so little nowadays, we can’t make jewellery to sell at the market – and M’s busking skills have taken a nosedive over the years. Trying to figure out the most efficient … Continue reading

The Marmalade Lamb goes exploring (photo)

It didn’t take long for Tinkerbell – the ‘Marmalade Lamb’ – to go exploring. She’d certainly never seen an olive tree before. She loves dashing up it chasing birds, then cries for help before descending backwards like a koala bear. An olive tree’s bark is excellent grip for a cat. She’s already caught a bird. But … Continue reading

La Casa de la Condesa Torre Isabel, Motril (photo)

Motril – a 35 minute drive from Órgiva on the Mediterranean coast – is a place we briefly visited a week ago and we’ll write a more detailed post another day. We took these pictures at La casa de la Condesa Torre Isabel. The house was built in the second half of the 17th century, later modified and in 2000 restored … Continue reading

Órgiva’s church

Órgiva’s church – La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Expectación – dominates the town. It’s impossible to miss. To our untrained eye it looks more modern than it is. It’s unusual looking and painted in a beige/yellow colour, common in Spain. There’s little on the web about the church and certainly no one on … Continue reading

Oranges are not the only fruit

There are 35 million orange trees in Spain apparently – and three of them are in our garden. The thud of an orange falling onto the grass has become a common sound. It’s nearing the end of the season and, perhaps because of this, about 25 fall from each tree a day. They fall more … Continue reading

Wi-Fi and internet guide to Órgiva

There are several places that have decent, free Wi-Fi (pronounced wee-fee) in Órgiva. Of course, the places appreciate you buy at least a coffee or beer. Just ask them for the password. Near El Viejo Molino there’s an electrical shop and also a couple of mobile phone places selling adapters and cables. Bar Cañadas [8 out of … Continue reading

It’s got legs – Scolopendra

Hot on the slithery tail of the snake encounter, our eyes were drawn to this strange looking creature we found in the road. We’re no nature or wildlife experts but believe it’s a Megarian banded centipede (Scolopendra cingulata). It’s one of the few of the species found throughout southern Europe – although it is common in … Continue reading

A flashing Buddha? Yes, we have one

At the southern edge of Órgiva there’s a completely bonkers shop that has managed to cram everything that has ever been manufactured onto its shelves. A bit like Harrods but without the doormen, designer clothes and food hall. The one thing we DID need – those lids you put on cans to keep the contents … Continue reading

Salobreña – the town by the sea

Forty minutes’ drive from Órgiva is a traditional seaside town with palm tree-lined streets, overlooked by a spectacular castle high on a rock. Traditional, whitewashed houses tumble down the side. A steep walk through the narrow streets with their quirky houses lead up to the tenth century Moorish castle – El Castillo de Salobreña. It … Continue reading

Driving into Órgiva

This short film may help anyone driving to Órgiva from the West – ie, from the direction of Málaga, Motril and Salobreña. It begins at the tunnel after a stretch of road we call the curly-wurly – not that the previous 20 minutes is some kind of straight Roman road. After the bridge you cross Seven Eye(s) … Continue reading

Pizza n’ Love, Órgiva

As we settled into our outside table with a bottle of wine, a singing troupe – all ankle bracelets and Arabian pantaloons – and an assortment of mini-me tots arrived. Tables were pushed together to accommodate them. The children were a delight, running around and playing a game of dashing up to a flyer pasted … Continue reading

Film about Órgiva

This isn’t our film but shows a friendly-looking woman (Jeanna, judging by the YouTube description) having a swell time around Órgiva. We hope the filmmaker doesn’t mind us borrowing it – they’ve allowed it to be ‘shared’ after all. It’s a lovely film – far better than we could make (and we haven’t got an HD … Continue reading