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The tourist office in Órgiva

Information signÓrgiva: gateway to the Sierra Nevada, administrative centre of the eastern Alpujarras, a place where thousands visit each year to trek, birdwatch, ski or just chill.

So, the tourist office please. Nah, Orgiva doesn’t have one. Well it does if you count a building, signage and a map with the…er..tourist office on. But it’s shut. Is it staffing? money? Has the place run out of maps or been flooded with raw sewage?

At the library, a woman of few words shook her head and handed us a map of southern Spain. Not so good if you need something a bit more local. Our poor Spanish didn’t help.

We can’t work out if la oficina de turismo has gone for good, but, at the time of writing, there’s nobody home. Often you see confused visitors tapping on the door, waiting. But no one comes. Even the ‘opening’ hours are stapled to the door. Maybe it’s due to open soon, who knows.

Tourist map

Forget it

We don’t count ourselves as tourists anymore, but a nose around a tourist office is always welcome, if only to check out the ceramic plates and pens made from twigs that are normally for sale.

To confuse things, two tourist offices seem to exist. One by the Hotel Mirasol – which, in September 2012, had people inside it but who said it was shut – and another on the opposite side of town in Snowy Dog Square.

So, if you’re looking to find bus timetables or want to know where the indoor markets or loos are, you’re a bit stuffed. Hopefully this blog will help fill the gap in time.

In the meantime, just how do we get to Trevélez

Incidentally, Órgiva’s book library must be the only one that greets you with a human skull and stuffed lizard as you walk in. Read all you like, we all die.

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  1. Update mid-September 2013. Still shut.

    Posted by con jamón spain | September 13, 2013, 8:42 pm


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