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A flashing Buddha? Yes, we have one

At the southern edge of Órgiva there’s a completely bonkers shop that has managed to cram everything that has ever been manufactured onto its shelves. A bit like Harrods but without the doormen, designer clothes and food hall.

The one thing we DID need – those lids you put on cans to keep the contents fresh – were out of stock. We bought a water pistol instead.

There must be over 3 million items ranging from bras, tin openers, detergent, light bulbs and compost – to pet accessories, religious icons, ice-cream makers and that rubbery stuff you put around baths.

The shop even sells walkie-talkies which come in handy as you negotiate the aisles and wave silently to one another between the batteries and sanitary towels.

If you’re visiting, or staying a while, you’ll never be without a bottle opener or something to unblock the loo with.

Just take a compass or agree to meet outside at a certain time. Its location is marked on our shops post as ‘Emporium’.

The shop that sells everything

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