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Sierra de Lújar sky (photo)

Lanjarón – springs eternal

‘Una pregunta chafa’ – a useless question – said the old lady to her friend after we checked we were at the correct bus stop. Thanks lady! (we’ve only ever walked to Lanjarón). The bus from Órgiva took 20 minutes, snaking its way past olive mills and rolling hills until, spectacularly, Lanjarón came into view. … Continue reading

Signs and adverts of Órgiva #2

The adverts we spot in Órgiva remind us just how our lives have changed. Back home, the closest we got to a horse was a Findus lasagne – and work meetings often involved ‘stillness’ – the type where you fall asleep during the world’s most boring presentation. As for tents, we almost brought our ‘two … Continue reading

Órgiva road sign (photo)

If you’ve ever driven through Órgiva from south to north – that is, on the way to places like Lanjarón, Granada and Bubión – you’ll recognise this road sign. It’s in the centre of town at the junction where, every day, we wonder how people don’t get clobbered by traffic (you often see dogs hobbling around – some … Continue reading

Goats eating sugar cane

We know we have a some younger followers who like seeing animals doing their stuff (Hi Anna, Sophie and Daniel!). So here are some goats who live at the end of our lane having supper. We think they’re eating sugar cane shoots. They look really healthy and have a rather soppy-looking dog guarding them. 

Eucalyptus tree damage (photo)

Eucalyptus trees are common in this area. They tower above everything casting mottled shadows. Some are dead – or dying – including these ones we photographed. They’ve been attacked by Eucalyptus Longhorned Borers. Healthier trees are more resistant to them but weaker trees under stress – maybe during very dry spells – are less so. Despite … Continue reading

The rain came

It’s been a strange day which caught us by surprise. A sticky fug grew as the day went on. By mid-afternoon the mountains began fading, birdsong diminished and no dogs barked. The pissed-off donkey must have taken a trip somewhere, too. Come six o’clock, and tormented by flies (our attempts, with joss sticks, to replicate … Continue reading

Learning about the area – Órgiva

We’ve met a few people in and around town. OK, they’re Brits but with our limited Spanish it’s impossible to have a meaningful conversation with a local – for a while at least. One chap we met – let’s call him Frank – has been here eleven years. He’s not been the first person to tell us … Continue reading

Baraka, Órgiva

There’s nothing in Órgiva like Baraka (‘blessing’) – it’s easy to imagine you’re in North Africa. If you can pull yourself away from the traditional bars in town, this café/restaurant offers a completely different experience. A bit of variety doesn’t hurt once in a while. It’s a favoured meeting place for hippies – and a … Continue reading

The Post Office in Órgiva

Órgiva’s post office (oficina de correos) is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 2.30pm, Saturday 9.30pm to 1pm. It’s closed on Sundays. It’s on Av de González Robles – near the BP garage, just around the corner from Las Alpujarras supermarket. It features on our maps. Post doesn’t get delivered to our casita so we’ve set … Continue reading

Put it this way – learning the language

If our snail-like journey to learn Spanish were a round-the-world trip by foot, we’d be at the end of the road outside our house. Digámosio de esta manera – let me put it this way – we have a long, long way to go. We haven’t used our language CDs since we’ve been here but … Continue reading

When in Spain, make pizza

Living on a tight budget in a Mediterranean climate has completely changed the way we cook. Gone are the days of basing a meal round a large steak, pound of mince or chicken breasts hastily bought on the commute home. We now look forward to the Thursday market where we buy enough vegetables for the … Continue reading

Signs and adverts of Órgiva #1

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The tourist office in Órgiva

Órgiva: gateway to the Sierra Nevada, administrative centre of the eastern Alpujarras, a place where thousands visit each year to trek, birdwatch, ski or just chill. So, the tourist office please. Nah, Orgiva doesn’t have one. Well it does if you count a building, signage and a map with the…er..tourist office on. But it’s shut. … Continue reading

Ananda’s mundo – a little oasis

Looking for a budget place to stay, use the internet, wash your clothes or have a quick shower? Ananda’s mundo, named after the owners’ daughter, is the place. It’s also a shop selling clothes, incense and other Indian imports. And if you’re having an impromptu music jam, a selection of instruments can be bought – … Continue reading