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Los días son claros – learning Spanish

Triangle musical instrumentSomeone told us that a handy way to learn Spanish is from song lyrics – and some good folk out there have bothered to add subtitles to a whole manner of stuff on YouTube from nursery rhymes to heavy metal. No staring blankly at a book – you can enjoy the music at the same time!

Learning jokes [Señor Jordan has plenty] is also meant to be another way to get to grips with the language (must remember to translate this joke: ‘I’ve joined a reggae band playing the triangle. I just stand at the back and ting”. A Jamaican accent helps with this joke, so guess it wouldn’t win an award at Órgiva’s stand-up comedy festival, even if it were to exist…

Here’s an example – the lovely Doors’ song, The Crystal Ship. At least we now know what Nos veremos otra vez means.

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2 thoughts on “Los días son claros – learning Spanish

  1. I do this all the time! You go to Spanish class in the morning, do the homework in the afternoon, then try to recall as much vocab and/or verbs as you can in the shower at night!

    Posted by Mai Khanh | August 12, 2013, 7:05 pm

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