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Los días son claros – learning Spanish

Someone told us that a handy way to learn Spanish is from song lyrics – and some good folk out there have bothered to add subtitles to a whole manner of stuff on YouTube from nursery rhymes to heavy metal. No staring blankly at a book – you can enjoy the music at the same … Continue reading

London Calling – goodbye, for now

In a few weeks it’ll be Goodbye London’, for a while at least. We’ll hear you calling. We took these photos today. In just one hour, as London slowly awoke and rubbed its eyes in the bright sunshine, we walked a familiar path around the West End and Soho, visiting our favourite places. It’s possibly … Continue reading

Tree of Life – Bayacas (photo)

Bayacas – to use a cliché – is a sleepy hamlet to the north of Órgiva. When we last visited we barely saw a soul, yet alone a shop or bar. And that’s just how the people who live there no doubt like it. The church was locked, the donkeys were in the shade by the … Continue reading

Andalucian Acclimatisation Capsule

In London we have an Andalucian Acclimatisation Capsule…the greenhouse. Today the outside temperature was a modest 18C but inside the temperature soared into the 30s. In Spain, we’ll no doubt miss our greenhouse as we’ve had many a lovely year growing – or attempting to grow – tomatoes (very successfully), aubergine (couldn’t get them bigger than … Continue reading