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Órgiva market

Most Thursdays – from 9am to about 1.30pm – there’s a market in Órgiva. It’s in the north part of town in the municipal car park. To the visitor, it’s an interesting way to spend an hour browsing among the stalls. An artisan market is in the nearby plaza. See the map in our main … Continue reading

Toys ‘R’ (not coming with) Us

Moving abroad, even temporarily, focuses the mind. For raising stress levels, isn’t it in the top three – along with bereavement and divorce? Decisions have to be made about kitchen equipment, books, CDs, old correspondence – and things you’ve thought you’d need one day ‘just in case’ are, in fact, useless, horrendously designed or non-functioning. … Continue reading

Lie back and think of Spain (photo)

OK, this isn’t the most original photograph but when it’s raining yet again in England, this always brings out a sunny smile.

The Return – by Victoria Hislop (book)

Victoria Hislop uses fiction to tell us about the horrifying reality of an era of Spanish history that, until very recently, even the Spanish have collectively preferred to forget (Pacto del Olvido). Even after the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, it’s hard to believe that sunny Spain was under a dictatorship from 1939 to 1975. … Continue reading

Órgiva to Lanjarón run (photo)

In 2012 we stayed just outside Órgiva during which time the Órgiva to Lanjarón half marathon took place. We took this picture of an interested little girl and her dog. Here’s a map of the route and the walk between the two towns we have done several times.

Sagrada Familia

There are a million blogs of course – some we follow in our Blogroll like the fabulous Hola Yessica (who lives in Barcelona). We came across another that has several photographs of Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí’s unique – and unfinished – church in Barcelona. Begun in 1882, Gaudi worked on it until he was famously … Continue reading

A giant leap…

Things have moved on since our last post. We’ve resigned from work (huge cheers all round) and found a place to stay in Órgiva. The flights are booked – including the cats (seat 27A and 27B, we’ll sit nearer the front) – and car hire to get our miserly belongings (clothes and stuff, not the cats, … Continue reading