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Lady Diana, Paco and coleslaw

Hyde Park buskingMany moons ago – actually the balmy evening before Princess Diana and Charlie’s wedding (July 29, 1981) – M and mate Rod busked in the London Underground.

After being moved on by the police, we continued in Hyde Park where we stayed the night.

Thirty or so years on, it’s still a great memory.

We played buskers’ favourites The Boxer, Leaf and Stream, and Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner. We were rubbish but managed to collect £7, a princely sum back then (it went on beer, cigarettes, coleslaw and Battenberg cake).

Looking back, it’s strange we even attempted to play Río Ancho – the beautiful Flamenco guitar song. But we did the easier bits, in all their clumsy glory.

There’s only one guitarist who can play it properly, Paco de Lucía. More on him another time, but for now:

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