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Forum topics we have found – Part 1

Forums about Spain are numerous and brilliant. Hats off to the people who contribute to them with advice about car hire, mind-boggling tax rules – and which beaches are the best for snorkelling.

However, some of the post titles can be a little confusing – or intriguing. Here’s a list of genuine ones and [our bit of fun].

– Jerez Gestor [not a prog rock band]

– Introducing [someone at a party whose name you’ve forgotten?]

– Old Chestnut Estate Agent you can trust [finding a home for a squirrel]

– Luque or Dona Mencia {have no idea what this is about]

– Who broke the clouds? [good title for a song that has pan pipes and a mandolin on it]

– Campo babe [Iceland’s entry in Eurovision Song Contest]

Room on van [strapping your whole bedroom on top of a Ford Transit]

Help! [a not so helpful description of thread…Beatles?]

I’m new [Poppy, 7lbs, mother and child doing fine]

Advice needed [getting red wine stains out of a carpet? Juggling?]

Another demolition planned [oh dear, make sure you’re out shopping that day]

Flying the cat to Spain [oh, definitely read that one]

Getting a cat back to the UK [this one too…]

Advice for my mum please [yes, definitely the blue dress]

Warm horizons [we all like a warm horizon]

Problem with stains [and we all have problems with stains]

Have you got the ‘S’ factor? [sunburn, scary gaze?]

A word of thanks [thanks]

¿Best and Worst? [do you need the first upside-down question mark¿]

anyone ever POSTED ciggerettes (sic)? [if that’s illegal, we’re going straight to the Old Bill]

Bonsai Museum [tickets going for a tenth of face value)

Fleas [there’s a museum near Alicante of one playing a violin…or is it an ant?]

Smokey Fireplace [a hot 70s pop band]

Rusty Water [famous Country & Western singer]

Lap Trays??? [do people still use these?]

Brussels Sprouts [is it really worth trying to have a traditional Christmas lunch in Spain? Oh, OK]

Getting a phone [you know, those phoney shops…]

What a disgrace! [down with this sort of thing!]

Finding my roots [they’ll be under the patio]

Digging Fork [no good, they’ll find the body]

Taking dog to Gibraltar [we’ve told you already, a dog and a Barbary macaque won’t get on]

Good news! [soufflé came out OK?]

Mosquitos – a bad year? [we warned them not to buy those shares]

Furious and so grateful [did you write that thank you letter in RED INK?]

What happens if? [insert response here]

More DIY advice needed [look, it’s easy – take the screwdriver and then..oh, doesn’t matter]

Spanish conversation groups [couldn’t understand the directions to bar]



Tarantulas [that’s it, we’re not going]

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