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Sunlight on geraniums (photo)

Taken in Órgiva.

This little piggy…

We love jamón, can’t get enough of it – my, even this blog is named after it. There’s an early post about it too. If you’re vegetarian, it’s understood this won’t be so good – so feel free to lob a virtual fire-bomb our way. Here are three videos from YouTube (two, subtle adverts). Enjoy the … Continue reading

Lady Diana, Paco and coleslaw

Many moons ago – actually the balmy evening before Princess Diana and Charlie’s wedding (July 29, 1981) – M and mate Rod busked in the London Underground. After being moved on by the police, we continued in Hyde Park where we stayed the night. Thirty or so years on, it’s still a great memory. We … Continue reading

Forum topics we have found – Part 1

Forums about Spain are numerous and brilliant. Hats off to the people who contribute to them with advice about car hire, mind-boggling tax rules – and which beaches are the best for snorkelling. However, some of the post titles can be a little confusing – or intriguing. Here’s a list of genuine ones and [our … Continue reading

View from Yegen (photo)

Taken on a walk near Yegen in Las Alpujarras. Our post about Yegen’s famous resident and author Gerald Brenan.

Acequias – water, water, every where

The sun torments the brow, the ground crackles and snaps beneath your feet – and you can think only of water. Before we’d ever been to Spain we didn’t know much about acequias – the ancient conduit system of water distribution – but once there we were fascinated by them. (See below for our short … Continue reading

The cats – hippy trail overlanders or superstar jet-setters?

Getting our cats, Tinkerbell and Possum, from London to Spain is probably the most logistically challenging part of our trip. Overland or by air? Private chauffeur or private jet? The Hippy Trail Overlanders Overland by van from the UK to Málaga – takes three days in an ex-police van, specially adapted for cats and dogs. … Continue reading