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Un día soleado – a sunny day

The sky in YegenThe English are meant to talk about the weather all the time – in shops, waiting for things to turn up and so on. Forget ‘My kitchen is infested with ants’ (Mi cocina está plagada de hormigas) – learning to talk about the weather is paramount.

And the Irish*? Well it’s always raining in Ireland so top choice of phrase is: Está lloviendo.

Here are some more of the basics:

¿Qué tiempo hace? – What’s the weather like? or ¿Cómo está el tiempo? – How’s the weather?

Hace bien/mal tiempo – It’s nice/bad weather; Hace sol – It’s sunny; Hace viento – It’s windy; Hace calor – It’s hot; Hace frío – It’s cold; Está nublado – It’s cloudy (note: Está…).


Estamos a 30 grados – It’s 30 degrees (if experienced by you/others at the time); Están a 30 grados en Sevilla – It’s 30 degrees in Seville (if you’re talking about another place).

Lucky dip

Mañana hará tiempo seco – Tomorrow will be dry (weather); Puede lover, pero no mucho – It can rain, but not much; No sé qué tiempo hará – I don’t know what the weather will be; Está totalmente despejado – There’s not a cloud in the sky.

*Ireland section

Llovió – it rained

Lloverá – it will rain

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