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Not another post mentioning Chris Stewart!

Snowy dogYes, but it serves a purpose. This interview with him shows the backstreets of Órgiva. It’s the place we ate, drank in and walked around many times when we first visited in 2012. It includes the pharmacy we bought antihistamine tablets in – and some steep steps we almost drove down while leaving town. Happy memories.

At 02:30 minutes Órgiva’s town square appears with the large tiled map of la Alpujarra (accompanied by Genesis’ track I know what I like – even though it’s Phil Collins playing the drums, not Chris Stewart who had long left the band). We’ve already nicknamed it Plaza de la Alpujarra ‘Snowy Dog Square’ after one mad fella – Tintin’s pal of course – spent an hour racing around the place, dodging cars and leaping up at everyone he met.

The presenter and interviewee then walk through streets very familiar to us: Calle Barrio Alto and up to the Ermita de San Sebastián, from where we went on a couple of walks to higher villages, like Carataunas.

The second half shows Chris Stewart’s house where he’s lived since the 1980s. Our Spanish is way too to basic to understand what they’re banging on about. But that parrot is there – and we hope Snowy is too.

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