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Curtain-making frenzy

We’re busily preparing our house in London for renting. Believe it or not, we’ve managed without curtains since we got new windows two years ago. But alas, tenants might feel differently. I’ve taught myself to make curtains with the help of the Reader’s Digest Complete DIY Manual and a YouTube video. After a few false … Continue reading

Pomegranates and a distant view (photo)

Taken on a walk to from Órgiva to Carataunas (population c. 200*) and Soportújar (population c. 275*). The view – with pomegranate tree – is looking roughly south just east of Carataunas. Órgiva, nestled in the valley, is hidden behind the Cerro Negro (black hill) in the mid-distance. * Instituto Nacional de Estadística 2005 survey

Joni Mitchell and phlegm

Following our post about the myriad jobs that need doing as part of our move to Spain, here’s a short film of ‘the ten years wall’.  It is…or was…a space in our London home containing the words and drawings of friends that had to be painted over. There is far older graffiti in this world but a … Continue reading

Things we miss about Órgiva

We’ll miss a ton of things when we’re in Spain. But here in London, this is what we miss about Órgiva now. 1.   stars – it’s often hard to see them in London and, County Wicklow aside, they’re the clearest ever 2.   morning walks 3.   el Molino  – with Wi-Fi which means football results can … Continue reading

Jardín Botánico-Histórico la Concepción – Málaga

Valencia has its own in the heart of the city whereas Málaga’s is a fair way outside it. El Jardín Botánico-Histórico la Concepción is a Málaga must-do and a relaxing way to while away a few hours. Get there early and it could be the closest you get to being lost in a tropical forest…with signposts. Even late … Continue reading

Alpujarras – route marker (photo)

Taken on a walk along the GR142 between Órgiva and Lanjarón.

If a job’s worth doing…

In preparing to go to Spain we have lists reminding us what we need to do. One, renting our property, is particularly challenging. It’s a never-ending ticker tape of fixing, painting and…well, just doing stuff. Some things we have to do, like getting a Gas Safety certificate, others we wish we didn’t have to – … Continue reading

Young grapes (photo)

Taken in Órgiva, 2012

Un día soleado – a sunny day

The English are meant to talk about the weather all the time – in shops, waiting for things to turn up and so on. Forget ‘My kitchen is infested with ants’ (Mi cocina está plagada de hormigas) – learning to talk about the weather is paramount. And the Irish*? Well it’s always raining in Ireland so top … Continue reading

Copita tapas bar, London

What one needs after searching for curtain fabric is a glass of wine. Luckily we stumbled across Copita in D’Arblay Street. And what a find. D’Arblay Street – laid out in 1735 when Philip V was King of Spain and named after the novelist and playwright Fanny Burney (later Madame D’Arblay) – is a tiny road in Soho, … Continue reading

Postigo del pan (photo)

Taken in Capileira in September 2012. This is a small door (postigo) from where bread was once sold – or was delivered through. It’s only about 40-50cm high. In some of the higher villages it can get pretty cold in winter, so getting your daily bread without having to open the door, was – and … Continue reading

Mexican fisherman

There’s a lovely story that’s helped inspire us to change our lifestyle. An American businessman goes on holiday to Mexico. One afternoon, in a small fishing village, he starts talking to a fisherman. He finds out that the fisherman spends his morning fishing, catching enough fish to feed his family, pay the rent and enjoy … Continue reading

Not another post mentioning Chris Stewart!

Yes, but it serves a purpose. This interview with him shows the backstreets of Órgiva. It’s the place we ate, drank in and walked around many times when we first visited in 2012. It includes the pharmacy we bought antihistamine tablets in – and some steep steps we almost drove down while leaving town. Happy memories. At … Continue reading

Lanjarón door (photo)

Taken in September 2012 in Lanjarón.   Related posts: Castillo Arabe y el Parque del Salado, Lanjarón Lanjarón – springs eternal © con jamón spain