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Driving in Las Alpujarras

Hairpin bends and hair-raising driving is what you get In Las Alpujarras – especially when aiming for the beautiful, whitewashed villages of Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira (altitude = 1436 metres).

Even the last 40 minute drive from Málaga towards Órgiva has its moments. But Spanish roads are well-maintained (you often see teams clearing rockfalls off the road). And S is a splendid driver.

Here’s a film (under a minute) of us not plummeting 300 metres into a valley. The first part shows a distant Órgiva – from the A346 if you must know – then there’s an approach into a village we think is Bubión – note the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains. Finally the enormous wind farm sails that tower over everything on the way to Lanjarón, on our trip back from Granada to Órgiva.

Here’s some information about driving in Spain (in English)

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