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Snakes alive…and dead


Dead snake found on the way to Lanjaron

In our combined nine decades on this planet only one of us has seen a snake in the wild – in the sea in Thailand. Its head was erect out of the water – having a good look around.

In Spain, we’ve already spotted three – two on a walk from Órgiva to Lanjarón and a squashed False Smooth Snake (Macroprotodon brevis) on a track leading to Lanjaron.

Neither of us know anything about snakes apart from being a bit scared of them. Spain has five venomous snakes and none of them better come near us.

We’ve been told the Montpelier snake [opens new window] is fairly common – sometimes growing to the modest length of two or three metres. People we’ve met have opened their back doors to find them on their lawns, which sounds great.

More snakes [opens new window] on Rural Spain.

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