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Driving over Lemons – by Chris Stewart (book)

Driving over Lemons book coverThis book inspired our first trip to Órgiva. It’s about an English sheep shearer (and Genesis’ original drummer) who moved to a rundown farmhouse in Las Alpujarras in the 1980s. He makes his living farming sheep – and wrote about adventures with new  friends and neighbours.

It’s a lovely book, highly-recommended. It’s the first in a series, followed by ‘A Parrot in the Pepper Tree’ (good) and ‘The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society’ (less so).

Driving over lemon

Driving over lemon

We actually met Chris Stewart on our first ever morning in Órgiva (early 2012). ‘Met’ meaning, passed him in the street and exchanged ‘holas‘. He smiled too – but then again we were, coincidentally, singing Genesis’ first single, ‘Silent Sun‘.

We also went on a long walk once to try and find his house but got lost after 10 minutes and went to a bar instead.

It’s probably a bit naff to even mention this book in public – especially in Andalucia (and certainly Órgiva) but that doesn’t take away from the fact it’s a great read.

Chris Stewart website

Video of Chris Stewart playing the drums, chatting in Spanish and at his home [2010]

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